PureStrike: The 5 Simple Keys To Consistency [Hardcover Edition]

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The Definitive Guide to the Golf Swing that is Simplifying Golf Instruction!

The "PureStrike: The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency" hardcover book: An in-depth, full color step-by-step guidebook to the new golf swing that is taking the Golf World by storm! 5SK allows any golfer to have a repeatable, verifiable and consistent swing!

We've studied the swing techniques of all the great champions and have developed the PureStrike(R) golf swing. We've broken down the golf swing into 5 Simple Keys that will allow any golfer to play their best. And most importantly, we've made it simple to understand. Once you master the 5 Simple Keys, you'll have consistent and pure ball striking!

The PureStrike Golf Swing (5SK) is adaptable to everyone, regardless of your current skill level. Once you learn the straightforward and comprehensive approach to building your golf swing, you'll have a consistent and repeatable swing.

  • Key#1: Steady Head
  • Key#2: Weight Forward
  • Key#3: Flat Left Wrist
  • Key#4: Sweetspot Path
  • Key#5: Clubface Control

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Sale Price: $29.95

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