KICK X® Tracker SRT™ Hybrid

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Slide the weight to hit it straight

Hybrid golf clubs are the latest rage in golf equipment, amateurs and pros alike are discovering that hybrids are easier to use than their long irons. This creative combination of blade shaped irons and fairway woods allows for better control, distance, and accuracy. The KickX Tracker SRT™ uniquely features our patented Sliding Response Technology (SRT), which consists of a unique, adjustable, sliding weight system, spanning from the club's heel to toe. SRT gives players the ability to manipulate shot trajectory and projection simply by moving the position of the slider. Dial in your preferred slider settings and achieve optimal accuracy. Experience amazing power with the Tracker SRT™'s innovative miraging face, which increases the ball's velocity by boosting the rebound effect created during ball impact. The Tracker Hybrid also features Soleplate Exhaust Ports, which expel dirt and debris from the back of the club which enhances ball striking; especially in tough situations - thick rough, sand, fat shots. Correct your swing with the touch of a finger, and let the Tracker SRT™ change your game. Hit the ball harder, longer, and more accurately with the KickX Tracker SRT™ Hybrid!

Comes standard with the new lightweight KickX Speed Launch™ Graphite Shaft, engineered for explosive distance and pinpoint accuracy. Offered in three different flex options.

Sliding Response Technology (SRT)

The Kick X Tracker SRT™ is the most technologically advanced hybrid ever! All you have to do is slide the weight to hit it straight.

Diagram 1: Weight Centered Slide the Weight to hit it straight
Diagram 2: Weight Positioned Left Slide Weight LEFT to correct Slicing
Diagram 2: Weight Positioned Right Slide Weight RIGHT to correct Hooking
Additional Features
  • SRT allows you to achieve the correct shot no matter the situation from poor lies to high wind conditions and anything in between.
  • SRT (Sliding Response Technology) - an intelligent rear weighting distribution system that gives you the ability to dial-in your ball flight for Fade or Draw control.
  • SRT Sole Exhaust Ports let you use you hybrid off hard pan or out of the sand!
  • Lightweight design features KickX Speed Launch Graphite Shafts for increased clubhead speed
  • Maraging Face design for maximum distance
  • Crown Paint Design allows precise impact Alignment
  • SRT™Hybrid series offers unmatched shot control!
SRT Hybrid with Sliding Weight Technology

SRT Hybrid Crown with White Alignment Line

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Sale Price: $199.95

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