Men's Golf / Athletic Compression Shirt (Long Sleeve)

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Swing Better and Play Harder with this Sports Compression Long Sleeve Shirt!

  • Extremely Lightweight, Breathable, & Comfortable
  • State of the art, form-fitting, compression material
  • Designed to wick sweat away from the body
  • Keeps your muscles warm
  • Reduces strain and fatigue by improving circulation

The Golf Swing Compression Long Sleeve Top is a versatile addition for golfers! Lightweight and breathable, its specially developed technology surrounds and supports the key muscle groups in and around your core (abdominals, deltoids, spine and lumbar region) - ensuring the best combination of compression, comfort, and performance! The Golf Swing Compression Long Sleeve Top helps your swing by improving circulation and recovery time, reducing lactic-acid buildup, and enhancing strength and power.

Compression panels traverse down and across the torso to support the abdominals, deltoids, spine and lumbar region. This versatile, form-fitting top features a long-waisted cut that holds your muscles tight for enhanced comfort and performance!

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Sale Price: $119.95

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