Medicus(R) BenderStik Deluxe(TM)

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A Simple Practice System to Build a Consistent Golf Swing

BenderStik Deluxe Edition comes with a metal base stand for practice indoors or on hard surfaces.

Introducing the BenderStik(TM), with the patented articulating arm. Whether it's your takeaway, downswing or follow through, when you make a mistake, the BenderStik(TM) gives instant feedback! Once you learn to swing without hitting the BenderStik(TM) you'll know you're swinging on-plane to a picture-perfect swing. You'll get rid of that slice and start bombing it off the tee. The BenderStik(TM) was developed to be the most versatile training aid you'll ever use. Much like having your own coach with you, the BenderStik(TM) has a large yellow foam ball that can be positioned to monitor virtually any movement in the swing. Complete with a comprehensive Instructional DVD, the BenderStik(TM) includes everything you need to develop a consistent golf swing. Learn to play like a pro with the BenderStik(TM) and start hitting consistent, powerful shots!

Deluxe edition with BenderStik(TM) base stand.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fix Your Swing Fast!
  • Get Instant Feedback!
  • Shoot Better Scores!
  • Fits In Your Golf Bag!
  • Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor Use!

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Sale Price: $99.95

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