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The Medicus CoilMaster is a simple, yet very effective training aid in teaching the proper coil/pivot of your body that occurs during the golf swing. Moving off the ball, during the backswing, is a very common fault among high-handicapped golfers. The Medicus CoilMaster automatically prevents you from moving incorrectly by keeping your body centered. The correct coil/pivot on the takeaway and backswing is the foundation of creating power, accuracy, and consistency.

  • Promotes balance and stability.
  • For home use or practice range training.
  • Gives immediate feedback when the right knee moves forward to the target prematurely in the initial downswing movement.
  • Correct "reverse pivot and weight shift" positions.
  • CoilMaster can be reversed to practice swinging against a "firm left side".

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Sale Price: $14.95

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