Medicus(R) ArmMaster(TM)

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The Medicus(R) ArmMaster(TM) forces you to maintain the proper arm positions throughout the golf-swing. This innovative form of training is highly effective at fixing elbows. The ArmMaster(TM) promotes the proper arm motion during your back-swing and eliminates excessive separation of your elbows at impact or during follow-through. The Medicus(R) ArmMaster(TM) is also a great training aid in giving you the feeling of staying connected during short-game practice.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates Flying Elbow
  • Eliminates Over-Swing
  • Controls Your Upper-Body
  • Lightweight, Small, Portable
  • Simple Instruction

  • Fixes Flying Elbows
  • Eliminates Swinging Over The Top
  • Controls Your Upper Body
  • Lightweight, Small, Portable
  • Simple Instruction

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Sale Price: $14.95

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